The 2010 Mid-Term Elections

I can’t believe that just two years after electing a Democrat President that we as a nation are preparing to turn control of Congress back to the very same party that served us so poorly.  The Republican party has done nothing but oppose every initiative put forth by the Obama Administration.

The prior Administration of George W. Bush had eight solid years to screw up the economy, neglect energy policy, and ignore global warming.  America isn’t willing to give the Democratic Party even two years?  President Obama couldn’t even hope to begin to repair the damage in two years.

How can he do anything at all without control of Congress?  If we elect a Republican majority to Congress, President Obama will be totally blocked by Republicans.  In 2012 the Republicans will campaign against President Obama, claiming that the Democrats have been ineffective.

And they will be correct, but only because of Republican obstructionism.  Of course they won’t mention that part of the equation.  I fear for the nation.

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