So, How To Pick Delegates to a New National Constitutional Convention?

This is the single most difficult part of calling for a new constitutional convention. There are so many different and opposed factions in our society now. Many of these factions are fanatically opposed to the viewpoints of other factions.

I personally want to have a government that is fair, has very little power to dictate the morality and lifestyles of the citizenry of this nation. I personally want to see the DEA shut down, with no governmental authority to restrict what people want to put into their own bodies. For good or ill, people take what drugs or other substances they want. Self destructive behavior should be a right, not a crime. Freedom to make poor choices in life is as important to the exercise of liberty as is the freedom of speech or religion. If you do not have the freedom to make your own choices, then you aren’t truly free.

I want marriage between one or more persons of either the same or opposite sex to be a matter of personal conscience. The government has no business telling anyone who they can love, or how many people they can love. I want the government out of the morality business entirely. Nudity, sex, anything between consenting adults, there should be nothing that the government can do to control people. I want a county where a person is free to be what and who they want to be.

That is basically the story of what our history has been, what the ultimate goal of our nation is meant to be. We have been working toward becoming a better county, a better people, than we are. We have slowly been making progress toward that destiny. We started this journey two centuries ago when there was slavery in this country. We have moved beyond that, first abolishing slavery, allowing interracial marriages, and we are working our way through gender discrimination, and sexual orientation discrimination, to name just a few movements toward a truly free county.

The government is not the answer to making us a more free people. In fact, it is the main tool of repression and maintaining the status quo. People who do not want you to be truly free, who see you as needing their “guidance” are getting more vocal and impatient. They look at all the changes that have happened and don’t rejoice, rather they see loss of “morality,” by which they really mean loss of control.

These are the people who should not be allowed anywhere near a constitutional convention. What is the answer? I frankly don’t know. I do know that we can’t let the government, the Democrats, the Republicans, the religious right, the moral majority, anyone who isn’t dedicated to true liberty and freedom to write the new constitution. How to keep people, the ones who would try to roll back the tide of history, out of a new national constitutional convention is an open question.

Any suggestions?

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