The End Is Coming If We Don’t Do Something Soon

Look, the country is falling apart.  Our industries are gone, outsourced or replaced by cheap imports.  We are changing the climate in unpredictable ways by burning fossil fuels.  We are spending 700 billion dollars a year overseas to buy those foreign fossil fuels.  As a result of that massive transfer of wealth, our overall standard of living is declining.     Ninety percent of the wealth of this nation is owned by one percent of the population. In terms of 1970 dollars, adjusted for inflation, the middle class is earning less now than we did forty years ago.

The war between the right and left in Washington DC is spilling out across the country, in state after state.  Feeling empowered by their gains in the 2010 midterm elections, the right wing is in full attack mode.  Because of the increasingly intense belief that compromise itself is wrong, there will be no compromise, no civility, no reasoning possible between the extremes.

Face it, unless we do something soon, we’ve had it.  The nation is not going to be able to pull out of this nose dive unless the reigns of government are taken out of the hands that are currently controlling them.  We need a totally new government.

A national constitutional convention is the only way that can happen short of revolution or civil war.  Make no mistake, war is what will happen if we don’t start fixing our problems now.  A new government, based on a direct participatory form of democracy, is possibly the only way to make the necessary changes.

A representative democracy is too prone to being controlled by special interests.  A representative democracy is not really a true democracy at all.  It is merely a method used by the powerful and wealthy elite to control the vast majority of Americans, and preserve their own wealth and privileges.

I don’t know what it will take to wake people up.  If we don’t start working on fixing the future now, our children will not like the world that we are going to leave for them.  America, wake up!

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